Rave Reviews

Vanessa MarshallCESD Talent
Elaine, your workshops work and you are wonderful! I used one of the techniques from your workshop for a McDonalds campaign audition, and I booked it! Wanted to tell you good news, and say thank you!
Mocean MelvinDPN Talent
I just took the Pro VO 2 workshop last weekend and it was fantastic! Elaine has an amazing ability to make you feel completely comfortable in a very professional setting. Her coaching is succinct and very practical. I've been able to use the techniques she taught us immediately in my auditions and sessions. I am already seeing the results with some great feedback, and, even better, enjoying the process even more. Get in on the next workshop if you can!
Debi Mae WestAbrams Artists
I must say that Elaine's class was the best best best!!! She has put so much energy into creating a fun, straight forward look at auditioning, and gives great insight into the business. I highly recommend this class to all VO talent.
Jorge-Luis PalloInnovative Artists
I took Elaine's VO PRO 1 class and it was a real eye opener on my approach toward VO auditioning. I've even applied her POV exercise for character building in my on camera work and there's been a noticeable difference in my craft. I look forward to taking her VO Pro 2 class next and highly recommend her workshops to any actor interested in becoming better at what we do.
Saige SpinneyAVO Talent
I wish I had tatooed everything Elaine said on my arm. Priceless, and I don't want to forget a word of it!
Chad LettsAtlas Talent
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the GREAT advice you gave me in your workshop.  I've really been pushing myself to trust my gut on some of the auditions I record and I'm happy to report I've seen a boost in my booking ratio.  Just that little tip and vote of confidence from you has paid for the whole trip out to LA!  Thank you SOOO much for your help and guidance.  I can't wait to come out and work with you again.
Erin FitzgeraldVOX, Inc.
Holy Smokes!! Just finished the Commercial Workshop and my mind. Is. blown! Yayyyyy!!!
Jamie KalerSBV Talent
Thanks again for a great day. I used some of the techniques at a VO audition today and felt great about it. Loved the class and learned so much from all the talented folks.
Gwendolyn YeoDPN Talent
Elaine Craig's master class reflects her: classy, truthful and with an ease of learning that you forgot all the head talk, and focus on what's most important - staying in the moment, and telling the truth. A privilege and joy to work with her and experience this class, I highly recommend it.
Peter KatonaIndependent Artists
The workshop was incredibly informative and has truly given me tangible tools to incorporate into my VO work.
Alicyn PackardCESD Talent
I wanted to say thank you for the excellent class.  I truly enjoyed your workshop.  You have great energy and the exercises we did were very helpful and informative. Especially liked learning more about the current trends in TV commercials.
Rob MainordDPN Talent
The VO workshop last Saturday was terrific! Elaine's insight and tips have given me a new level of confidence and knowledge that works not only in this VO world but across the board in life.
Frieda Jane ToromanAbrams Artists
Thank for an amazing workshop last weekend! Learned a TON, was able to use the tools I learned this week and turned two of my auditions into two bookings! Thank you Elaine!
Jay PrestonVOX Talent
Out of the hundreds of voice coaches out there, I chose Elaine for 2018, and have increased my booking rate ten fold! When you got it, you've got, and she's got it dialed in! One of the best!
Anne Marie HowardDon Buchwald NY
I took an amazing voice-over workshop with Elaine Craig today. When she offers another class, run, don't walk. She's a wonderful teacher!
Ted SrokaAB2 Talent
Hey Elaine, Booked two more radio spots recently and just wanted to send a quick thank you. There's no doubt that the techniques I've learned in your workshop helped me book those jobs. Thanks again!
Wendy K. GrayCESD Talent
Elaine’s experience, devotion and techniques cannot be compared. She has a gift.
Jonathan BraySolid Talent
Fantastic workshop! Lots of booth time and great, informative feedback. Elaine helps you see the process from the client's side and arms you with insights and exercises that will yield immediate results.
Lynn MacLean SchwartzCESD Talent
Elaine, thank you for sharing the gold that is you! Your commercial intensive is a life changer. This class is a must, especially for the veteran voice over artist. You bring us back to ourselves which is so very important in this industry that is ever changing. My auditions will never be the same and I am thrilled. Run to this class with abandon and re-discover yourself in the process. Priceless.
Laura Ann RileyVOX, Inc.
Elaine is a gifted teacher. This workshop changed the way I do VO. My booking ratio went up 80% after taking her workshop!

Commercial VO PRO - One Day Intensive SATURDAY, December 1st, 2018

Directed by Elaine Craig

In a supportive environment with other working VO pros, you will explore interpretive techniques to give you the competitive edge, whether you’re auditioning in your home studio, your agent’s office or a casting facility. You’ll take away specific tools for engaging the listener, developing your unique point of view and making creative choices that will get the buyer’s attention.

From 10AM to 3PM.
Must have VO Agent. 
Limited to 10 participants. 
Tuition: $400 / per workshop. 
$100 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Final payment due 7 days prior to workshop. $400 full amount payment option.

This workshop may be repeated. For additional dates, please contact us: training@elainecraig.com

This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of work. The intent of the class is solely educational.

4 Week Commercial VO Intensive

Directed by Elaine Craig (4 Saturdays)

 Saturday, September 8th, September 15th, September 29th and October 6th (no class Sept 22)

This 4 week intensive workshop is designed for the professional actor who wants to deliver the current VO trends that producers are looking for. We will work intently on connecting with the message, the audience, and your personal point of view to create audition performances that stand out from the crowd. Analysis of current trends and direction with be included. All booth time is recorded. Commercial copy and handouts provided. Must have VO or on-camera representation to participate.

From 10AM to 1PM.
4 consecutive Saturdays.
Limited to 10 participants.
Tuition: $700
$350 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. $350 final payment due 14 days prior to workshop. Contact us for additional payment options: training@elainecraig.com

This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of a casting director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of work. The intent of the class is solely educational.


Commercial VO Pro

4 Week Commercial Intensive

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