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Elaine Craig

Elaine Craig

President/Casting Director

Elaine's first project as a casting director was for an animated episode of Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories”, directed by Brad Bird.

She continues to cast for the industry's premier production companies and ad agencies. She's contributed to several books on the subject of voice casting and quoted in articles for Adweek, Backstage, The Chicago Tribune and LA Times.

Elaine is also recognized as one of the voiceover industry's top coaches. She currently teaches her popular "Creating Successful Auditions" workshop for VO Pros, which has drawn voice artists from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Drawing on her decades of experience, Elaine offers workshops, private voiceover coaching and commercial demo reel creation to select voice artists.

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Barbara Ransom Povall

Barbara Ransom

Directora de Casting/División de Habla-Hispana

Durante muchos años, Bárbara ha funcionado como escritora independiente, asesora creativa, productora y directora en un sinfín de comerciales en español para el mercado Latino del EEUU.

Ha sido apreciada por su habilidad de distinguir entre los distintos dialectos regionales en español y ha servido como coach de dialectos en español para muchos actores de Hollywood.

Casting Director/Spanish Language Division

Barbara has acted as an independent writer, creative consultant, producer and director on a myriad of Spanish-language commercials for many years.

Barbara is valued for her ability to discern Spanish-speaking regional dialects. With her skills in high demand, she has served as a Spanish dialect coach for dozens of Hollywood actors.

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