Voice-Over Private Coaching

"Your voice is a window to your heart. Keep it open." - Elaine Craig

Need a top Los Angeles voiceover coach to help take your commercial auditions to the next level?

Voiceover coaching sessions with Elaine are a great opportunity to fine-tune your reads, work out on an ongoing basis, or prepare for an important audition. With years of casting experience, Elaine brings a deep understanding of the voiceover industry, first-hand knowledge of current audition & booking trends and invaluable feedback to every single read.

Elaine's approach to voiceover coaching

Elaine's approach to coaching focuses on one thing - to help you improve your voiceover auditions. Whether you sign up for one or multiple coaching sessions, Elaine provides practical advice and actionable tools to help you find your unique interpretation of copy. Working together, you will uncover your most authentic - and bookable - reads.

How do private voiceover coaching sessions work?

You'll be provided with practice voiceover scripts and handouts. In each session, you'll receive immediate feedback on your delivery and learn advanced techniques for self-direction. You'll also explore current trends in advertising to feel confident that your reads are up-to-date.

Scheduling voiceover coaching

Private one-hour sessions are currently offered over Zoom. Coaching is available Tuesday-Saturday 11am-2pm PST. Email coaching@elainecraig.com for current rates. We'll send you all the information you need to get started, including a link to schedule or cancel sessions at your convenience.

To request private voiceover coaching rates and inquire about scheduling, contact coaching@elainecraig.com.  

You’ll be working with an experienced casting director, but the intent of coaching with Elaine is solely educational. It’s neither a guarantee nor a promise of work.

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