Elaine Craig

Need a new voiceover demo or an update to an existing demo?

We know the commercial VO market inside and out…

We know what casting directors and agency producers look for when hiring commercial talent… and we know what the top talent agents are listening for when considering voices for representation.

Plus, we’ve listened to thousands of voiceover demo reels and we know what works. (And, just as importantly, we know what doesn’t!)

Whether you need a brand new voiceover demo, or just want to update your existing demo, we understand that your VO demo reel is an essential tool in helping you get to the next level in your voiceover career.

That’s why our experienced ECVC team will help you through the entire process and support you with coaching, direction, current scripts and custom sound design.

You need a commercial voiceover demo that truly showcases the best of what you have to offer. And you deserve a voiceover demo production team that knows exactly what the VO industry is listening for, right now. ECVC is here to help!

To request a price quote contact us at coaching@elainecraig.com

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